Reflectivity On Roads - Why It Matters | Venture Plastics Distributors

Reflectivity on Roads: Why it Matters and How to Achieve It

Reflectivity On Roads - Why It Is Important | Venture Plastics Distributors

The Importance of Reflectivity on Roads

When it comes to road safety, there are several factors that need to be considered. One of the most critical aspects to keep top of mind when choosing items for demarcation is the reflectivity that these items provide.

Reflectivity plays a vital role in enhancing visibility and reducing accidents on roads, especially during the night or in low-light conditions. In this article, we break down which safety products can be used to increase reflectivity on roads and how each choice will ensure your road work areas are compliant.

South African Regulations on Reflectivity on Roads

In South Africa, the government has set regulations regarding reflectivity on roads. The South African National Roads Agency (SANRAL) requires that all road markings and signage be reflective to enhance visibility and reduce accidents. Additionally, SANRAL’s guidelines specify that reflectivity must be tested using a retro reflectometer.

To ensure you are compliant with these regulations, it’s crucial to work with a reputable and experienced road marking and signage provider. Venture Plastics Distributors offers a wide range of high-quality reflective materials that meet South African regulations for reflectivity on roads.

Road Studs

The Traffic Department regulations dictate when and how road studs are appropriate. The basic premise is to use road studs if painted road markings do not provide enough visibility.

Standard road markings may be ineffective if they do not offer enough retro-reflectivity in low-light situations. Due to their slight height above the road surface, the lenses on studs pass light back more efficiently. This provides better visibility.

Reflectivity On Roads - Road Studs | Venture Plastics Distributors

There are a few different road stud options to choose from:

K Lite Road Studs Side - Road Marking Equipment | Venture Plastics

Cast Iron K Lite

These are the road studs you need if you work in high-speed and heavy-traffic areas. They comprise injection-moulded high-impact polymers and cellular lenses.

White Stimsonite Road Studs - Road Marking | Venture Plastics

Stimsonite Road Studs

These studs provide maximised lens reflectivity and high durability. The lenses continue to function even after impact or damage, leading to safer roads.

Solar Road Studs - Road Marking | Venture Plastics

Solar Powered Road Studs

This option of stud is handy as they work with LED lights and not just by reflection.

Reflectivity On Roads - Delineators | Venture Plastics Distributors


Selecting the right delineators the first time will help increase the safety of our roads and save you money.

To be compliant with the SANS1555 standard delineator stickers need to be 800mm by 200mm. Many have misunderstood these measurements to be the required sizing of the entire blade when in actual fact the overall blade size should be over 1m by 250mm.

Venture Plastic Distributors suggest the below size options for road use:

  • 1m x 250mm – Use in speed zones of less than 80km per hour. Their reflective stickers measure 800mm by 250mm.
  • 1.2m x 250mm – Use in 120 km per hour speed zones. Their reflective stickers measure 1m by 250mm. This size allows for greater reaction time and is suitable for highways.

Reflective Tape Used on Delineators

There are different grades of reflectivity tape, and each has different photometrics. This is the term used to refer to the measure of intensity and brightness of light produced. Reflective tape uses retro-reflectivity and light dispersion to collect and send light back. There are two types of tape used on our delineators:

  • Engineer Grade (EG) Class 1 – Uses high-index glass beads arranged on a thin film layer. These beads collect light, concentrate it, and send it back to its source. The beads are positioned evenly and smoothly and have a wide light dispersion. This means that the reflection does not reach considerable distances. Please note that this reflective tape does not meet Sans 1555 and COTO regulated guidelines.
  • High-Intensity Prismatic (HIP) Class 3 – This tape is more than five times brighter than its EG counterpart. It also comprises high-index glass beads, but it forms a honeycomb pattern. This configuration reflects light more effectively as it has a tighter light dispersion reaching a greater distance. This reflective tape does comply to sans 1555 and COTO guidelines.
Reflectivity On Roads - Reflective Tape | Venture Plastics Distributors
Reflectivity On Roads - Cone Lights | Venture Plastics Distributors

Traffic Cones with Warning Solar Cone Lights

Traffic cones with warning solar cone lights are commonly used on roads to enhance safety and visibility in a variety of situations. Here are some situations where they can be used:

  • Road Construction: Used to alert drivers to the presence of construction work and to guide them safely around the site. The cones can mark off lanes, indicate changes in traffic patterns, and warn drivers of potential hazards.
  • Lane Closures: When lanes on a road are closed will effectively redirect traffic and guide drivers to the appropriate detour routes. This can help prevent accidents and traffic congestion.
  • Emergency Situations: These products can be used to cordon off areas that are unsafe or to redirect traffic away from the scene of an accident.
  • Temporary Traffic Control: Can be used to control traffic during events such as festivals and sporting events. Use them to mark off areas that are off-limits or to indicate temporary parking arrangements.

How Venture Plastics Distributors Can Help You Increase the Visibility in Road Work Areas

We at Venture Plastics Distributors pride ourselves on being the kind of company that goes above and beyond. We care about the safety of our roads and the many travellers on them.

We display this by staying informed, keeping you in the know, and providing good quality safety products at an affordable price point. This includes the above-mentioned reflectivity options and much more.

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