Cast Iron K Lite

Cast Iron K Lite


  • Injection-Moulded High-Impact polymers provide extra endurance
  • Cellular Lens design allows lens to continue functioning after damage.
  • Lens reflectivity was maximised using advanced optics; initial brightness at least doubles ASTM standards.
  • Patent pending sure grip bottom matched with engineered polymer maximises adhesion to the road way.

Additional Product Information


This Road Stud is ideal for high speed, heavy traffic roads and high ways as they are able to take high impact at speed.


Available in red, amber or a combination of these colours.

K Lite Road Stud Specifications

  • Width of stud above road surface: 10 cm
  • Length of stud above road surface: 9.6 cm
  • Height above road surface: 2.2 cm
  • Length of shank ( below road surface ): 6.3 cm
  • Maximum width of shank ( tapered ): 1.7 cm

The 60 degree leading edge of a conventional road stud is reduced to 51 degrees by the gently sloping run-up ledge, which facilitates better traffic cleaning action.

Grooves in the under surface improve the road stud’s anti-twist positional stability and reduces the amount of adhesive required by up to 50 %. Their dovetail shape increases the strength of the adhesive bond to the road.

To minimize impact the road stud has a low 13.2mm ridge which is only 21mm wide onto the top. Impact forces are spread over a relatively large “footprint”. Because the road stud is narrow, radial tyres wrap around it and transfer most of the vehicle’s weight.

Read our article on how to install road studs in 8 simple steps.

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