Reboundable Delineators

Reboundable Delineators

Our reboundable delineators help guide pedestrians and motorists alike around construction areas or even accidents. The Reboundable delineator stands apart from its counterparts due to its robust nature.


  • Heavy duty, robust unit.
  • Reboundable delineators can also be used with a channelizing base.
  • Reboundable feature results in the increased longevity of the product.
  • Flexible, long lasting and durable.
  • The user can simply replace the reflector if the sign is damaged or if a different reflector is needed.

Additional Product Information


Delineators can be used on long continuous sections of highway or through short stretches of road where there are changes in horizontal alignment and where road construction work is taking place.

Delineators provide road users with guidance devices at night, and during adverse weather conditions.

An important advantage of delineators in certain locations is that they remain visible when the road is wet and when water spray from other cars impairs visibility.

Technical properties:


  • PVC/EVA blend: 90% / 10%
  • Weight: 16 kg -16.5 kg
  • Size: 1000mm x 270mm x 80mm (At centre)
  • Shore hardness: 85-89 degrees shore


  • Polyurethane grade epaflex weight 770 gms
  • Colour black/orange size 215 mm (width top) x 150 mm (h)
  • 66mm (b top).

Delineator Blade:

  • Colour: black/ orange
  • Size: 860mm x 245mm x 50mm (bottom) x 23mm (bottom) material
  • Thickness: base 5.5mm-middle 4mm- top handle 5mm connector at the base plated insert with special locking weight 1.1 kg (can increase weight to 1.3 kg on request)
  • Alternate material: lldpe cross-linked (on request).


  • Material: PVC 60degrees shore a
  • 4 strap (optional)
  • Galvanised 2mm x 150mm all bolts mild steel galvanised

Reflective Decals:

  • Size: 200mm x 730mm (based on euro spec) material 3m hip (high intensity prismatic).


  • Total weight reboundable delineator: ±19.2kg

Blade has been tested at a temperature of 3 degrees f and at 16 degrees f @ a rate of 50 cycles.

Application process:

Position reboundable delineator blade and base at required intervals.


  • Black base and blade with red on white reflective tape (more permanent application)
  • Black base and blade with black on yellow reflective tape (more temporary application)


Soap and water

Protection/Maintenance upon:

Replace damaged poles and bases as required.


Single units.

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