About Venture Plastics Distributors

Our safety product range is diverse and ever expanding to be able to supply our customers a wide variety of product solution for their diverse safety needs.

Our safety product range expands over different sectors:

Our safety products have been designed to withstand the harsh South African and African climates.

Over the last 14 years Venture Plastics Distributors has been able to produce its own large portfolio of products in house that are available to the public, and continues to expand its product range by making new innovative products that simplify design but improve usability and durability.

Venture Plastics Distributors is also known for its commitment to peerless service to our customers. From its smallest client to its largest.

We pride ourself on our good business practices and therefore has afford us the opportunity to work with some of south African largest construction houses and or mining sector companies from open cast lines to gold and diamond mines country wide.

We also supply and sell a lot of our product across the border into neighbouring states, the likes of Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland, Mozambique.

What We Offer

Road Safety Products
Safety Products For Roads | Venture Plastics Distributors
Mining Safety Products
Safety Products For Mines | Venture Plastics Distributors
Construction Safety Products
Safety Products For Construction Industry | Venture Plastics Distributors

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