FG 300 Surface Mount Delineator posts

FG 300 Surface Mount Delineator posts

FG 300 Surface Mount Delineator posts are reboundable poles which are suitable for road usage.


The clover-leaf design of the FG 300 Surface Mount Delineator Posts provide a far better rebound than the simpler round tubes as the curving of the sides of the FG 300 tube changes absorbs impact far more effectively.

Most delineator posts are manufactured from a rigid plastic, whereas the FG 300 is manufactured from soft polymer material which ensures to pole and vehicle which increases product life.

Additional Product Information

FG 300 Surface Mount Delineator posts are reboundable poles which are suitable for road usage.

The FG 300 is offered in three grades:

  • Model PE
  • Model UR
  • Model EFX

All three grades are compatible with our six different delineator bases.

Technical Properties / Features:

Model EFX

  • Toughest post available on the market. Carries a 1-year limited warranty.**
  • Recommended for use with our vertical panels and all your “can’t fail” applications. (NTPEP Report #TTCD 6021.11)
  • EN 12767 Certified

Model UR

  • The industry standard for toughness.
  • Impact resistance and long-lasting performance for demanding high-speed, 2-way,
    2-lane detour operations. (NTPEP Report #TTCD 6020.1)
  • EN 12767 Certified

Model PE

  • Manufactured with low-density polyethylene.
  • Ideal for a multitude of applications.
  • Conforms to MUTCD & NCHRP 350 standards with proven durability on the NTPEP and TTI test decks.
  • No metal pins in bases to rust or seize.
  • Simple installation and replacement of damaged posts.
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Delineators can be used on long continuous sections of highway or through short stretches of road where there are changes in horizontal alignment and where road construction work is taking place.

Delineators provide road users with guidance devices at night and during adverse weather conditions. An important advantage of delineators in certain locations is that they remain visible when the road is wet and when water spray from other cars impairs visibility.

FG 300 Surface Mount Delineator Posts are available in three different applications/uses, namely:

  • Model PE: general applications
  • Model UR: the industry workhorse
  • Model EFX: your toughest installations

Can be utilised at toll gates, high-traffic zones and as early alert zones.

Surface Preparation:

Surface needs to be clear of any sand, oil and debris prior to installation.

Application process:

Can be installed with either epoxy or core drill into the road surface with anchor bolts and epoxy.


White, Yellow and Orange.

Reflective tape application can be customised (High visibility Class 3 or Class 4).


Soap and cloth.


Box of 25 or as required.

Handling & Storage:

No expiration date, can stored in cool dry place.

Additional information:

**1 Year warranty is limited to specific installation applications.

Read our article to understand the benefits of using reboundable delineator posts.

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