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Reflectivity in Mines: Why it Matters and How to Achieve It

How to Increase Visibility on Mines

Mines can be dangerous places, especially in low-light conditions.

Reflectivity is key to ensuring that everything is visible, whether it is equipment, workers, or road signs. This is especially important during load shedding when power outages can cause lights to go out.

Reflectivity saves lives by ensuring everyone can see what they need to work cautiously. In this blog, we look at the importance of reflectivity in mines and how to increase visibility by using the right safety products.

Reflectivity in Mines - Importance of Visibility | Venture Plastics Distributors

The Importance of Reflectivity in Mines

Reflectivity is essential for ensuring the safety of everyone working on a mine. It allows workers to see and be seen, even in low-light conditions.

Reflective tape and other materials can be used on equipment, road signs, and other surfaces to increase visibility and make sure that everyone knows where they are going. Reflectivity also helps to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, as well as making it easier to navigate the mine during power outages or other disruptions.

South African Regulations on Reflectivity on Mines

In South Africa, mines are required to comply with strict regulations for reflectivity. The Department of Minerals and Energy (DME) sets standards for the visibility of equipment, signs, and other surfaces in mines.

Mines must also have emergency lighting and backup power systems in place to ensure visibility during power outages. However, sometimes the backup systems take a while to kick in, don’t power as much lighting, or can fail because of unforeseen circumstances. It is the mine’s responsibility to make sure that the right reflectivity is in place for moments such as these.

Reflective Tape and Delineators

Engineer Grade (EG) Class 1 and High-Intensity Prismatic (HIP) Class 3 reflective tape are both high-quality options for making equipment and other surfaces more visible in low light conditions.

EG Class 1 tape is made from glass beads and is suitable for use on flat surfaces. This option cannot be seen from far distances and should only be used in places where machines operate out of small places.

HIP Class 3 tape is made from micro prisms and is ideal for use on curved or irregular surfaces. It is almost 5 times more reflective than the aforementioned tape and reflects light more effectively.

At Venture Plastics Distributors we produce delineators with both of the above options. We suggest picking the option you would like to order based on what suits the environment best.

Reflectivity in Mines - Delineators | Venture Plastics Distributors
Reflectivity in Mines - Mining Cones | Venture Plastics Distributors

Mining Cones with Class 4 Prismatic Reflective Stickers

When looking to increase reflectivity in mines, cones with class 4 prismatic reflective stickers are an effective way to increase visibility in a mine.

The stickers are made from a material that reflects light back to the source, making the cones highly visible even in low visibility conditions.

They are also durable and weather-resistant, making them suitable for use in a variety of conditions on your mine.

45cm Soft PVC Cones with Day-Glo Finish

45cm cones with a Day-Glo finish are another effective way to increase visibility on a mine.

The cones are made from a soft PVC material that is durable and weather resistant. They are also highly reflective, thanks to the Day-Glo finish. This makes them easy to see even in most conditions and helps to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries in the mine.

Reflectivity in Mines - Cones | Venture Plastics Distributors
Reflectivity in Mines - Solar Road Studs | Venture Plastics Distributors

Solar Road Studs

Solar road studs are a great option for increasing visibility on roads that lead to and from mines. They are powered by solar panels, which means that they don’t require any external power source.

They are also light, easy to store and quick to move from section to section. Solar road studs are great for demarcating areas or guiding movement in the dark. Making these items perfect for mines where movement and designated/marked areas are constantly changing.

Our Venture Plastics Distributor Solar Road Studs comprise of high-impact ABS plastic and premium reflective tape. Ensuring extra visibility and durability.

360-Degree Mini LED Light Bar

360-Degree mini LED light bars are another effective option for increasing visibility on a mine.

They connect to the top of bakkies and emit bright light in all directions. Making them useful not only for spotting equipment and marked areas but to use as a temporary measure when the power goes out and you need to wait for the backup to kick back in. They are also durable and weather-resistant, making them suitable for use in a variety of conditions.

Reflectivity in Mines - LED Light Bar | Venture Plastics Distributors

How Venture Plastics Distributors Can Help You Increase the Visibility of Your Mine

At Venture Plastics Distributors, we specialise in providing high-quality reflective safety products and materials for use in mines. We offer a wide range of products, including reflective tape, mining cones, solar road studs, and 360-degree mini LED light bars.

Our team of experts can help you choose the right products for your mine, and provide you with all the information and support you need to ensure that these products are used perfectly for their purpose.

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